Thank you for your wonderful support. Black and Blue clothes are great and were a big hit in Europe and the USA

Amanda Doherty
Ms. Pro. Fitness Australia

In all the 17 years we have been together I have only known Glenn to wear Black and Blue clothing ( I kid not ); the only times he has been forced out of it was at our wedding and at the weddings of various friends when I went out and purchased shirt and trousers for him as well as black shoes.

If ever there was an advertisement for Black and Blue then surely this would be Glenn. He still has jackets from before I met him, they must be collector’s items by now. When we go out to dinner he wears his “best casual Black and Blue”, the rest of the time the general range. He does not even possess a T-shirt or pair of jeans; it really is all Black and Blue. I am sure if you made socks and undies he would wear those also. I could in fact do a spread of photos showing the last 17 years of Black and Blue.

Andrea and Glenn Excell
Excell Gym, Metamorphosis Sports Nutrition and Excell Personal Training Frankston Vic

Black and Blue fits into my lifestyle like a second skin at work, at home and in the gym while representing my country

Andrea Stewart
International Figure Champion, Personal Trainer + Fitness Model

I have been wearing Black and Blue clothing for over 18 years. I train five days a week so they get a good workout. They are of the highest quality and workmanship. I have no hesitation in recommending them as sportswear or as great casual wear. Black and Blue is The Way To Go!

Bernie Coffey
They are of the highest quality and workmanship. I have no hesitation in recommending them as sportswear or as great casual wear

Thank you for your usual prompt attention to my telephone order and I am delighted with the new colours. I have been weight training for the past fifteen years and competing in natural bodybuilding competitions for the past five years in the 50+ or 60+ divisions, and started buying Black and Blue gym and leisure wear about seven years ago. The design, style and fit of your garments is the best I have found and in particular, the T-back singlet for weight training sessions, fits snugly and allows me to see the development of my upper body muscles to best advantage. The logo ‘Fitness Dept., Australia’ , says it all and I have had many fellow gym members ask me where I bought them. I also use your posing togs and have many other garments I have bought over the years, mainly when I lived in Canberra. Since moving to Queensland four years ago, I have ordered over the telephone and my orders have always been received within 24 to 48 hrs of talking to you. Very impressive! Thank you so much for your great products which are very competitively priced, excellent fit and great to wear and especially, your friendly, helpful and prompt service.

Bernie Russo

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support with supplying the Polo Shirts for the Australian Academy during the filming of “Stunt School” the Docusoap.

The television show has been going very well with over 100 hours of vision filmed already of the international contingency of talented trainees.
I am very happy with the shirts, they look great; the students wear them with pride and I know that your brand logo will be seen prominently many times during the final show which goes to air around the world next year

Colin Handley
9 times National Black Belt Champion, International Stuntman & The Australian Stunt Academy principal

We have been loyal customers of Black and Blue for approximately 15 years now and love your clothes and think the quality is outstanding. My partner and I work out often and always wear the Black and Blue. We have clothes we still wear that (are) many years old – they’re still in excellent condition and after so many washes and work outs. We love checking out your new range and style and (we’re) looking forward to what you will be bringing out next.

Craig Sawyer and Jacqui Robertson

I have since opened my own gym and sold an extensive range of Black and Blue clothing throughout the years which has been highly sought after by my members. I first started wearing Black and Blue clothes back in 1987 as gym wear and over the years also as street and everyday clothes as the range just kept on getting bigger and better. I have lived in Los Angeles for a period of time and while there trained at Gold’s Gym wearing Black and Blue clothing everyone wanted to get their hands on them.
Having competed many times overseas, with many thanks to both Gary and Elly Minos, we have been supplied with special Black and Blue uniforms to represent Australia and consequently have made Australia look the best dressed country. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gary and Elly for all their help and support and their fantastic and ever increasing range of clothing.

Don Mahoney
NABBA Masters World Title, Panotta Sport

Really happy with the products: they are terrific!

Dr P A McGavin
from the ACT

Many see Figure and Bodybuilding as a masculine sport; my aim is to bring a touch of femininity to the sport, (to redefine it) rather than work to society’s perception. I firmly believe that in order to succeed one must have a holistic approach with a balanced lifestyle in sport, career and at home. Believing is achieving, and women around the world can accomplish anything we put our minds to. Through an active lifestyle you feel great about yourself and have energy to conquer any mountain. This is why I love Black and Blue clothing; traditionally many believe it was solely a male brand, yet I have found their unique branding of clothing completely fits in with my philosophy, just as their clothing caters to my body shape; it’s sexy, feminine and versatile. Black and Blue fits into my lifestyle like a second skin at work, at home and in the gym and whilst representing my country.

Ellena Tsatsos
International Figure Champion, Personal Trainer + Fitness Model