Sam Ioannidis

Mr Universe 1986-88, Australian Championships 1991

Sam discovered weights back in high school after seeing some big muscle boys entering and leaving a gym nearby. Straight away he knew he had to become one of them. He didn’t have any money so he went and got a job pumping petrol for a week, joined the gym, and the history that followed goes something like…

  • 1986: Mr Universe – NABBA, Short Class, 1st
  • 1987: Mr Universe – NABBA, Short Class, 2nd
  • 1988: Mr Universe – NABBA, Short Class, 2nd; World Championships – NABBA, Short Class, 3rd
  • 19 91: Australian Championships – IFBB, 1st
  • And these are just some of the highlights.
  • Sammy won every major Junior physique event he entered from 1977 – 1981.

    For years Sam has had gym junkies shaking their heads in disbelief, as he is almost constantly in a state of contest-readiness. Ask him how his abs are going and he’ll tell you they’re a little smooth. Then he’ll pull up his singlet and yep, he’s ready to go on stage alright.

    Of course Sam still sticks to his daily training in the gym, but another reason he is in such amazing shape is his 60minute Cross Trainer workout – every… single… morning. Plenty of big boys have the dedication to show up at the gym but not many keep the cardio up.

    Now in 2012, Sam is preparing to compete in the masters level of NABBA – If he wins, he will be the only body builder ever to place first in Junior, Open and Master divisions!