Jessica Gray

Power Lifter | Paralympian

22-8-Glasgow-Photographer[1]The diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was no surprise to this educated young woman who had been struggling with health problems for some time without a diagnosis, but her gut instinct told her there was something seriously wrong when she experienced paralysis from the waist down. Obtaining a conclusive diagnosis, MS was not so much a shock as a relief. Following an alarmingly tough youth and having to grow up way too fast,this intelligent and focused individual was determined to excel in her educational pursuits and found enormous support from her high school community which allowed her to complete her education.

With a misdiagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome repeatedly being focused on, after a number of years an MRI finally revealed the truth –in vivid black and white.
Since then, meeting the love of her life totally changed her direction for the better, when her devoted husband threw in his job to care for Jessica during a severe
relapse and a very dark time in her life, but love grew through this challenging time.
Since then, things improved greatly with Jessica and her husband welcoming a son into their life in September 2011. “It can be a struggle sometimes as a new mum but it is all worth it. People would tell me when I was pregnant ‘what if you pass on MS to your baby’ or ‘how can you care for a baby when you have MS?’ –I tell those people I will love my child
unconditionally and that’s all he needs to become a great man one day.”
While achieving a Bachelor of Nursing specialising in nutrition, Jessica also took control of her health and body as best she could, educating herself about MS and the effects of a healthy diet and commenced gym training to improve muscle mass. She is now a qualified personal trainer and champion power-lifter.
In 2012 she was asked to train with the Paralympics Power-Lifting team at the
Australian Institute of Sport. Since joining the team, Jessica has competed in more than 15 competitions.  2014 has been a highlight, with her competing at the World Championships (Dubai), gaining her a World #7 ranking, and Commonwealth Games (Glasgow) where she placed 4th, just missing out on a medal. “It was my dream to go to the Commonwealth Games and I was so proud to represent my country