Fred Liberatore

fredFred Liberatore started his journey to real success as a “Strong Muscle Kid” at school he had the nick name of “Muscles “yes he had good Italian genetics and at the age of 16 and at 100 kilos he fell into the category of gym goers “Trying to get Bulked up” and found the necessary tools to understand the key wasn’t bulking it was in fact staying lean and creating a healthy ideal bodyweight. Which resulted in winning a Mr Australia Title in his early 40’s.

When Fred was in his early  teen’s he started purchasing all his fitness clothing from Black & Blue to cater for his ever changing physique.

Fred Liberatore is now a writer, T.V. Presenter,  MC, Fitness & Food coach and Body transformation specialist !

Today, Fred in his late 40’s specialises in Training both elite fitness champions and regular people to achieve extraordinary body transformations in the shortest possible time.

Fred trains champion bodybuilders as well as top models, athletes and other high achievers, he has his own Personal Training Studio

Fred is a Presenter for the INBA a natural Bodybuilding federation and is educating and mentoring a new generation of Personal Trainers. A devoted father to his teenage Kids Luke and Rosie and loving husband to his wife Danni.  Fred has always had the philosophy to always ‘Train and Look Smart ‘ no excuses and his own fitness and physique  is a true reflection of this.

Fred has a true edge over most trainers and health experts because he understands the physical and mental aspect  to training and nutrition right down to the minute detail, he also combines the all-important “Play above the line “and the “Test and Measure” philosophy that he has enabled his clients to really close that gap for truly phenomenal change, and is living proof that resistance training can be done from people from all walks of life no matter what level of fitness.

When it comes to clothing, Fred is fortunate enough to be sponsored by Black & Blue and even gets his Personal Trainers to wear the Black & Blue clothing to encompass the look and feel of a professional.