Elly Minos

Elly Minos

elly-minos-arnnie[1]It has been an honour to be part of the Black and Blue Sales Team since 1989. To me Black and Blue is more than a clothing label – it is a lifestyle!! Over the years Black and Blue has given me and my family the opportunity to travel both Australia wide and overseas to watch the bodybuilding teams proudly wearing the Black and Blue clothing. Thinking about all the shows that we have sponsored around the country since the early 80’s makes me feel very proud.

My passion and vision for Black and Blue has not changed since the day I heard about the idea that Gary Minos – the founder, had which was to create a fashionable range of clothing for bodybuilders as he himself was bodybuilding and could not find a top that he felt was comfortable or looked good enough for training in.

Two decades later Black and Blue is still proudly producing Australia-made fitness clothing. Renowned for design excellence, exceptional fit and unique fabrics, Black and Blue is continually evolving, fast earning a reputation as the brand of choice for discerning customers who want unique, comfortable and durable clothing for competition, fitness and street wear.

Black and Blue has also given me the opportunity to meet with some outstanding celebrities and elite athletes over the past 24 years. Most recently I was honoured to meet the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Former Governor of California, professional bodybuilder and movie star at Derrimut gym in Caroline Springs where Black and Blue also released the latest camouflage range in a fashion display just before the commencement of Arnold’s seminar.

As a VIP guest I was fortunate to have my photo taken with Arnold and that is worth treasuring I want to especially thank Black and Blue for the best years of my working career and hoping my journey will continue for years to come with more eventful experiences and more motivational people that will cross my path.