Adnana Ionescu

Gravity_4Adnana is our newest sponsored athlete and she is a Black and Blue ambassador in Adelaide. She is also a fitness competitor and within a year she has competed in several federations like: INBA/PNBA, WBFF, NABBA/WFF and ANB.

Adnana has started training weights a couple of years ago and once she stepped on stage competing in bikini divisions, she fell in love with it. On her first competition Adnana won the Bikini Novice division and the Open in the 2014 INBA South Australian Titles and she was determined to come back in Season B where she won the Open again, but this time also took home the Overall State Championship.

A natural on stage, combined with her passion for dancing, make Adnana a unique competitor as she successfully includes her samba moves in her posing routines. Adnana loves our brand and she proudly represents it while competing but also in her daily active life.

Her achievements include:

1st place Bikini Novice INBA SA 2014
1st place Bikini Open INBA SA 2014
2nd place Bikini Open NABBA/WFF SA 2014
4th place Bikini Model ANB SA 2014
5th place Bikini Novice INBA Nationals NSW 2014
1st place Bikini Open INBA SA 2014
1st place Overall Bikini Champion INBA SA 2014
2015 PNBA PRO Qualifier – Australian Titles – qualified only
7th place Bikini Diva WBFF Australia 2015
1st place INBA Angels INBA SA 2015
3rd place Bikini Open INBA SA 2015